Brandon Alexander

Brandon Alexander with a Cobra


I'm currently working at Google[x] - specifically on Project Wing's UI and cloud services.

Willow Garage

Until Willow Garage was acquired, I was working there as a Web Robotics Engineer. Really, it's just a title I gave myself for a full-stack engineer who deals with the issues of real-time, distributed robot control.

Previous Jobs

Before Google and Willow Garage, I was:

  • Director of Engineering at Uncodin, a mobile development shop in Austin, Texas.
  • Senior Developer at Optaros, a fantastic web consulting company also in Austin.
  • Technology Analyst at Merrill Lynch in NYC.

Open Source

I'm on GitHub, of course. My most popular projects have been an XML-RPC server and client for Node.js, a (now deprecated) Robot Operating System client library in Node.js, and various Python and Objective-C libraries.

Robot Web Tools

Along with some great folks at WPI, Brown University, Bosch, and Yujin Robots, we started the Robot Web Tools organization. The goal of Robot Web Tools is to provide a suite of tools for putting ROS-enabled robots on the web.

Social Networks

Well GitHub is my social network of choice :). But I'm also on Twitter as @bacealexander, where you'll get amazing insights into robots, web, and mostly that.


Tweets and email are the best way to contact me. My email address is baalexander at gmail.